Zero Waste

Powering Renewable Energy

Continuing improvements in the collection and sorting of packaging wastes and biomass plus significant advancements in biomass technologies are creating new and exciting opportunities for recycling and the creation of useable energy worldwide. Zero Waste Energy Systems Ltd. ("ZWES") is an innovator in the manufacture, delivery, operation and management of customer-specific and cost-effective waste recovery and waste-to-energy solutions. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer of packaging/ biomass handling and conversion technologies for wet, dry and hazardous waste streams. Our expertise and our association with a number of respected partners offer outstanding opportunities in waste reduction and profitable energy production for both industry and governments.



Compaction Technology

Liquids have been banned from land fill sites in Europe for many years. This trend has now just arrived to the Americas, where free liquids are prohibited in many States, Provinces and Territories. We supply technology to eliminate liquids from packaging as well as liquid removal and moisture control for biomass.


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Are you after just a piece of equipment or are you after a solution to your waste issue? We can supply complete integrated solutions and even interface with downstream equipment. Don't want to purchase? Then we will lease!


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Anaerobic Digestion

As the world looks to green energy, it is found in our daily lives as waste organics. Whether you compost or participate in a Green Bin program, these waste organics are valuable in the conversion to CH4 or methane gas. We offer a theromphilic, modular solution.

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