Zero Waste

We work with multiple technologies...

The Company’s second proprietary product, a modular, high-temperature anaerobic digester system, is also best in its class, in this instance for the transformation of wet organic waste into methane gas. Like the compaction product, this technology product also offers the purchaser a reduction in waste hauling costs and landfill tipping fees, but more importantly for ZWES it creates the potential for long term revenues in markets where high revenue long term power purchase agreements, enable “build/own/operate” joint venture projects that pay back in less than three years, generating strong profits over many subsequent years.

This product was developed in Canada and engineered by ZWES. Unlike huge European systems, these modular digesters are ideal for industry and smaller scale farms, handling a variety of organic waste streams. These digesters “Kill” E Coli, and are ideal for returning to nature the waste from animals and humans. The methane generated can be used for heat or cooling and or coupled to an engine, can provide electricity for internal use or to the grid.