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Webcomplete Intranet
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Webcomplete Intranet extends Webcomplete’s content management features to your intranet. Now you can share all your Firm’s content, documents, blogs, newsletters, multi-media and more as easily as your manage your public website content.

Key Features

  1. Full control over your information architecture. You can create a menu system up to 3 levels deep and change it whenever you want.
  2. Full control over lawyer bios. You can also relate as many practice areas, transactions (cases/deals), news, events, videos and publications as you need to each bio.
  3. Full control over practice areas, transactions (cases/deals), news, events, videos, publications, blogs, newsletters and you can cross relate all of these to bios as well as each other.
  4. Can share content with any other Webcomplete website without copy/paste.
  5. All content is fully indexed and searchable including documents.
  6. Easy to use content management – no technical skills required.
  7. Users can be divided into groups for specific content management responsibilities.
  8. Can support any HTML based website design.
  9. Can support one or more intranet subsites and share copy across one or more of them.
  10. Can integrate with 3rd party applications through full featured API.

Smart Parts

Smart parts allow you to attach complex features to any page without programming expertise. Webcomplete Intranet comes with many smart parts and custom smart parts can also be built as required.

Sample smart parts

  • Staff directory with filters (type/practice area)
  • Firm Calendar with filters (month/year/practice area)
  • Firm bulletin board
  • Keyword consolidated site search
  • Publications directory with filters (type/practice area/lawyer)
  • Practice area listing
  • News listing with filters (practice area/lawyer/type)
  • Event listing with filters (practice area/type)
  • Blog listing with filters (practice area/lawyer)
  • Transaction listing  with filters (practice area/lawyer/size)