Webcomplete SEO plug-in

Webcomplete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to manage and track keywords on each and every page of your website. You have explicit control over keywords, page title and description one page at a time. Or, you can apply and manage multiple keywords across multiple pages using the new Webcomplete keyword manager.

These new features make it easy to maintain keywords on a page by page basis or apply and update keywords to many pages at the same time.

Webcomplete SEO also provides metrics such as the number of times a keyword is hit for a single page or across all pages on the website.

Keyword maintenance for your website has never been easier. With the new Webcomplete SEO it is easy to manage and track key words on virtually every page of your website including: news and events, bios, and practice profiles, making SEO a routine and streamlined part of your site maintenence.  

For more information contact:

Andrew Bartle